We are proud of our facility and the opportunities it gives us to take care of our patients. Below is a gallery of the areas that make up Linn Veterinary Hospital!

We love all of our patients, both large and small, but find that providing separate entrances allows our cats to feel safe when they enter, and allows our dogs to avoid unwanted distractions.

Catentrance.jpg   dogentrance.jpg

Our waiting areas are both comfortable and large enough to provide ample space for our patients.

  waiting  waiting2

One of our many exam rooms is likely to be the first stop (at least for your cat or dog) as you meet with a veterinarian to outline what care is needed


Our Surgery Suite combines a closed sterile environment and great lighting with the safety of isoflourance administered as a inhalent anesthetic during procedures.


Our Treatment Room provides a non-sterile workspace for non-surgical procedures and dentistry.


Our dedicated radiology area allows us to take x-rays in a safe, protected environment.  Diagnostic imaging is an often used tool and having digital x-rays is both critical to our practitioners’ interpretation as well as the ability to provide those records in the case of a referral to a specialist.


Our hospital includes various options for admitting patients for longer term treatments. We are able to hospitalize both large and small animals in order to provide care and observation.

hospward  stalls

Our large animal services may be provided on-site in using our outdoor or indoor facilities, or may be provided at the animal’s place of residence.  We have multiple ambulatory vehicles stocked with everything our veterinarians need to provide complete care.

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