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We are asking all clients to choose one form of communication to our front desk team.

With our lack of staffing, we are trying to limit the amount of people working on each case with each client and patient to reduce confusion and miscommunication.

– Linn Veterinary P.C.
Management & Recepition team

Why am I waiting on hold for so long?

Receptionists are constantly interacting with guests who enter the facility, people who call in, and communicating with other employees. They’re also responsible for handling basic customer service issues and responding to email inquiries online. Juggling customer service activities and administrative tasks is no easy feat, especially when you’re constantly being interrupted.


Which type of communication should I choose?

With so many communication technologies available in the modern world, a key aspect of effective communication is selecting the right medium through which to direct an exchange. If the information is technical and needs to be clearly laid out, such as the details of an upcoming event, then a written form of communication is usually better than just a phone call. However, if the conversation is time-sensitive, personal or emotionally-charged, then a phone call may be faster and better received.


What should I do if I haven’t heard anything?

We ask for 1-2 business days for all communication messages to be fully resolved. Sometimes we have to wait for a doctor’s opinion or approval with the message, which can take extra time. If after 2 business days you have not heard anything from us, please let us know by responding through the same original form of communication you chose.

How to reach the front desk:
Linn Veterinary Hospital, P.C.
Phone: 541-926-0291