Zoetis PetCare Rewards

Zoetis Petcare Rewards benefits both pets and your wallet. Since the launch of the program pet owners have earned over $32 million in the Zoetis Petcare Rewards program. To sign up go to: http://www.zoetispetcare.com/rewards Once you’ve accumulated $10 in rewards, you will receive a MasterCard debit card in the mail. Please be sure to fill out your address information in your loyaltyContinue reading “Zoetis PetCare Rewards”

Unexpected Circumstances

Image from: https://www.polandtownoffice.org/home/news/temporary-change-town-office-hours-operation We have had some unexpected circumstances occur. Due to these sudden changes we are having to decrease our office hours by no longer being open on Saturday’s or having emergency services offered after hours by our on call doctors. Please note if you have an appointment already scheduled on a Saturday, weContinue reading “Unexpected Circumstances”